Sean Yeager: Hunters Hunted (Sean Yeager Adventures, #2)

Sean Yeager: Hunters Hunted (Sean Yeager Adventures, #2)

ISBN: 0957375174

ISBN 13: 9780957375178

Publication Date: June 12, 2013

Publisher: Aenathen Omega

Pages: 203

Format: Paperback

Author: D.M. Jarrett

4.18 of 9

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The second exciting episode in the Sean Yeager Adventures series.

An action, mystery, adventure with science fiction and comedy set in a near real world.

Sean Yeager is moved to a secure mansion surrounded by forest for his own protection. He soon becomes bored and plots ways of meeting his friends and keeping himself amused. He meets Emily, who is also living at the safe house, and hears of a legendary treasure which drives the owner insane. Without realising that danger is approaching from all sides, they decide to search for the treasure, which is calling to Sean in his dreams. During his stay he meets a collection of new characters and bio-robots, but who can he trust? And will Sean and Emily succeed in finding the mysterious treasure before they themselves are captured?

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Hunters Hunted is also available in e-book format via all major online shops.

SYA is a family friendly saga that is age appropriate from 7 to 70. This book is written for intermediate readers (middle grade) and upwards (young adult to adult). Younger readers (7 to 8) may not understand all the nuances, but will be able to enjoy the story. Older readers (10+) will understand the sub-plots and nuances better. (similar genre works: Star Wars, James Bond, Artemis Fowl, Hitchhikers Guide)

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