A Rulebook for Arguments

A Rulebook for Arguments

ISBN: 0872205525

ISBN 13: 9780872205529

Publication Date: January 01, 2000

Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company

Pages: 87

Format: Unknown Binding

Author: Anthony Weston

3.78 of 856

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Updated examples, streamlined text, and the chapter on definition reworked in a rule-based format strengthen this already strong volume. Readers familiar with the previous edition will find a text that retains all the features that make Rulebook ideally suited for use as a supplementary course book -- including its modest price and compact size. Unlike most textbooks on argumentative writing, Rulebook is organised around specific rules, illustrated and explained soundly and briefly. It is not a textbook, but a rulebook, whose goal is to help students get on with writing a paper or assessing an argument.

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